• Chassis

    Chassis MAZ-MAN are designed for the installation of various specialized equipment up to 7.3 meters long

  • Adapted to the conditions of the north

    All-wheel drive dump trucks are manufactured taking into account operating conditions in difficult road conditions, including at low temperatures (up to -60)

  • Tipper for road maintenance

    The dump truck is designed for high-performance cleaning of motorways from snow and treatment with loose or liquid reagents at speeds up to 80 km / h

Modern heavy-duty cars of European class

One of the priorities of JV MAZ-MAN is the production of heavy trucks. In the line of engineering there are more than 50 models of trucks of various configurations. Production capacities of the plant are designed to produce up to 3000 cars per year.

The main emphasis is made on the trouble-free operation of cars, therefore all MAZ-MAN models are equipped with reliable and economical German MAN engines and other high-quality components from leading European manufacturers.

In the production areas are modern workshops, conveyor, storage facilities, storage area for finished equipment, as well as an office building. The company currently employs 300 people.