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For the vehicle there is only one alternative: to become even better, more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Proudly releasing modern machinery, MAZ-MAN is doing everything possible to improve the environmental friendliness of vehicles. The solutions, that not only fulfill the requirements of international norms, but often exceed them, have been developed and implemented.

At the moment, all thevehicles of the joint venture fully comply with the requirements of the European rules and Directives, including the UNECE Regulations on the norms governing the level of exhaust and noise.

The buyer, together with the vehicle, receives the following international certificates of conformity:

  • ECMT certificate of conformity of the motor vehicle to the technical requirements and safety requirements «EURO IV safe» or «EURO V safe».

Also, if necessary, buyers are issued the following certificates:

  • Certificate of own production, issued by the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the entire range of manufactured vehicles.
  • Certificate of origin of the Republic of Belarus when exporting cars.
  • Certificate of «Vehicle type approval» or «Chassis type approval» in accordance with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union «On the safety of wheeled vehicles» TR TS 018/2011