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A universal loader with a carrying capacity of 2 tons is used to drive energy-intensive attachments: road mills, large snowmobiles, etc.


The  engine of the Minsk Motor Plant (MMZ) D-243 is installed on the front loader BME-1565. This engine is also installed on the MTZ-80.82 tractor and is well known to all machine operators in the post-Soviet space.


bosh rexroth logo The loader uses a hydrostatic transmission of the closed type "BOSCH-REXROTH" (Germany) with operating pressure up to 420 bar. The heaviest operation - cutting in and picking up the soil - occurs at low speed and high pulling force, in turn, the pulling force is determined by the torque of the hydraulic motor, which, in the case of a hydraulic drive, is proportional to the pressure in the system. In hydrostatic transmission, the working pressure creates a volumetric pump, so that the maximum pressure in the system can be achieved with a slowly rotating pump of low engine speed).


bosh rexroth logoThe engine drives an axial-plunger pump of variable capacity via an elastic coupling CENTA (Germany), from which the working fluid is supplied under pressure to an adjustable hydraulic motor mounted on the leading bridge CARRARO (Italy).

Working equipment

The working equipment of the loader is made according to a unique Z-shape scheme with an additional link, allows at the excellent level  (within 3 o) to maintain the parallel movement of the working members, which is very important when working with a number of tools, for example, forks. The scheme provides very large unloading angles (up to 60?) and tipping Of the bucket (up to 55?), which are not available in any analogue. Due to the large opening angle of the boom - 110o instead of the regular 90o - a large discharge height of 2.65 m with a turned-out 45? bucket is achieved, which makes it easy to load platforms with the height of the side 2.9 m. The hydraulics of the loader allows you to connect any attachments with a power - up to 80% of the engine power.


The sealed cab of the loader is all-metal, welded, with a single sprung seat, meets to all safety requirements (FOPS and ROPS), provides comfortable working conditions for the driver, thermal insulation and noise insulation, visibility The cab is glazed all around the perimeter, which provides good visibility. Windshield - triplex, the rest - hardened. The wind and rear windows are glued into the carcass of the cabin. The cab interior is made using molded sound-absorbing elements and cast carpets. The cab is equipped with a powerful 16-kilowatt heater with a 3-speed fan, the air flows from which are distributed throughout the cabin through 8 adjustable deflectors. The driver's seat has a weight adjustment, 4 cushion adjustments and adjustable armrests. On the ceiling of the cabin there are adjustable sun visors, a LED interior lighting lamp and a stereo receiver with an MP3 player. The cabin is equipped with a panoramic glass, which provides good visibility from the workplace. Considerable attention is paid to reducing the noise level in the cabin.


Modification of the loader BME-1565-01 with an elongated boom

The front loader BME-1565 with an elongated boom has a maximum bucket lift height of 3760 mm and a bucket unloading height along the cutting edge with an unloading angle of 45 degrees 2950 mm, which is 275 mm larger than the similar parameters of the MAZ-MAN front loader in the standard version. The operating weight is more than the weight of the loader in the standard version of 150 kg and is 5900 kg. The lifting capacity on the boom is 1800 kg in comparison with 2000 kg of the standard version of the loader BME-1565.

Modification of the loader BME-1565-N with increased power take-off

The HYDROCONTROL five-section hydraulic distributor is installed on the loader with increased power take-off, which creates a flow of working fluid to the implement drive of 130 l / min in comparison with 70 l / min of the standard front loader with a three-section hydraulic distributor.

Parameter nameUnitsValue
Maximum lift heightМm3485
Dump height at 45 dump angle Мm2675
Payload of lift armKg2000
Operating weightKg5750
Dimensions (l.w.h)Мm6290/2100/2820 (2650 with low cabin)
Gear unit-Double-reduction with shift at standstill of the vehicle
Engine-Д243 manufactured by MMZ
Engine powerhp/kw81/60
Maximum speedkm/hour40
Fuel consumption per hour during loading/unloadingKg/hour3,8-5,1
Specific fuel consumptionKg/t0,05
Fuel tank volumel120
Service brake-Disk, wet, built-in rear axle, hydraulically controlled, with diaphragm accumulator
Parking and emergency brake-Disk, dry, shoe, cable
Arrangements control-Three section valve actuator, with joystick control, (‘Hydrocontrol”, Italy)
Operating pressurebar200
Fluid flow on driving gear of attachmentsl/min200
Ground clearanceМm335
Turning radiusМ4,9
Wheels-Wide cross section

ВМЕ-1565 and grip for coils


ВМЕ-1565 and forks for silo


ВМЕ-1565 and a brush for cleaning the territory VME-1565 and a rotary snow thrower