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Water movement

The construction of the snow and swamp-going vehicle allows you to move around the water, swampy terrain, on open and ice-covered pounds. Movement on the water is carried out due to the rotation of the wheels, optionally the propeller driven by the engine is installed on the snow and swamp-going vehicle.With a propeller, the speed of the water reaches 8 km / h. The direction of movement is changed by the front wheels.

Ultra low pressure tires

wheel_small BME snowbaths use pneumatic tires of ultra-low pressure BEL-192 "BME" produced by JSC "Belshina" of dimension 1400x750-610, which were specially developed for snowbaths BME-1015. The tires were tested in the most difficult operating conditions:
  • movement along the swamp dry forest;
  • driving on thin ice;
  • Driving through stumps and driftwood.
The design and characteristics of the tire provide high flotation and buoyancy of Snowbaths. Such tires practically do not injure the top layer of soil due to low specific pressure on the ground (0.15 kg / cm2).  

Body made of fiberglass

The snowbaths body is made of fiberglass plastic and has a sandwich-type design with an internal molding for providing heat and sound insulation of the cabin. The rigidity of the body is determined by its design and internal metal fenders.

Folding hatch

bigluk A large hatch on the roof of Snowbaths is appreciated by hunters and huntsmen.


Parameter NameUnitsValue
Engine power, petrol / dieselkW (hp)59,6(81) / 70(95)
Maximum speedkm/hour50*
Gross weightkg, no more than3300
Equipped weightkg, no more than2300
Payloadkg, no more than1000
Carrying capacity afloatkg, no more than700
Dimensionsl*w*h, no more than4500 * 2500 * 2650
The minimum turning radiusm8,5
Max. Angle of climbград40
Height of an obstaclem, no more than0,6
Tire pressurebar0,1 - 0,5
Specific ground pressurekg/cm2, no more than0.15
Number of seats6 - 7
Total weight of towed trailerkg, no more than1500


Engine CMD GN 199AT four-stroke turbocharged diesel engine VAZ 21214-1000260 four-stroke, gasoline
Picture engine_cmd engine_vaz
Number and arrangement of cylinders 4, in-line
Working volume, cm3 1929 1690
Compression ratio 14,3 9,3
The diameter of the cylinder and the stroke of the piston, mm 82,5/90,2 82/80
Number of valves 8 8
Idle speed 750 750-800
Operating procedure of cylinders 1-3-4-2 1-3-4-2
Spark plugs Champion CH167 АУ17ДВРМ, BCPR6ES(NGK)
Maximum power, kW / hp (rpm) 66,2/95 (4200) 59,6/81 (5200)
Maximum torque, Nm (rpm) 195,0 (2500) 127,5 (4000)
Engine control system BOSCH M7.9.7
Weight, kg 150 122
Consumed fuel Diesel fuel Ai-92

Basic equipment

  • Diesel engine CMD GN 199AT or gasoline engine VAZ 21214-1000260;
  • Mechanical 5-step;
  • Transfer gear box with a reduction gear and inter-axle differential lock;
  • Axles with self-locking differentials;
  • Wheel-type reducers;
  • Fuel tank for 100 liters;
  • Tire inflation system;
  • Ultra-low pressure tires 1400х750-610;
  • Front winch;
  • Steering wheel with hydrostatic control;
  • Car sterio;
  • Interior heater;
  • Flap sunroof;
  • Jack;
  • Repair kit for quick elimination of tire punctures;
  • Combined key for attaching wheels.


  • Additional fuel tank for 95 liters;
  • Propeller and its drive;
  • Fuel line heating (diesel heating);
  • Night engine start heater;
  • Pilot lights;
  • Rear view camera;
  • Roof bars;
  • Electric generator with welding function;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Night air interior heater;
  • Spare wheel;


Gear box and clutch KPP A 5-speed manual gearbox + 1 reverse gear is mounted on the snowbaths.Coupling is single-disk, dry with diaphragm pressure spring and hydraulic shut-off drive.
Transfer gear box razdatka On the snowbaths there is a transfer gear box with high and low gears and a lockable center differential. The front and rear axles have a permanent drive and are connected by an interaxle differential that distributes the torque between them, depending on the resistance to movement of the wheels. To increase the patency of the snowbaths, you can lock the differential, thereby aligning the speeds of the front and rear drive shafts.
Axles most Front and rear axle with self-locking wheel differentials.
Final drives bortred Final drives (which represent a gear reduction gear, designed to increase the torque on the wheels) are mounted on all wheels of the snowbaths.
Propeller and its drive vint To maximally effectively overcome the water obstacles by the snowbaths, a propeller with a mechanical drive from the snowmobile engine is optionally installed. While traveling on water, the propeller descends from the transport position to the working one by means of a pneumatic drive controlled from the cab.

Suspension of all wheels of snowbaths BME is independent, on cylindrical springs with hydraulic shock absorbers. The suspension levers are attached to the frame via the silent blocks. The stroke of the levers is limited by stops.


Pneumatic system

The pneumatic system of the snowbaths performs the following functions:
  • parking brake control;
  • raising and lowering the propeller;
  • ensuring the operation of the automated tire inflation system.

Tire inflation system

Automated tire inflation system allows the driver to adjust the pressure in the wheels without leaving the cab.

The system allows you to adjust the pressure in one or more selected tires simultaneously.

Having lowered the pressure in the tires, it is possible to increase the contact spot with the surface, and, consequently, lower the pressure on the ground, and thus increase the permeability on light-bearing soils. High pressure is more suitable for driving on a hard surface.

allterrain_display_pressure Indication

The tire pressure is displayed on the display. Within the operating range of 0.1 to 0.5 atmospheres, the wheel is displayed in green, otherwise in red. It should be remembered that exceeding of the specified pressure range in the tire can lead to its destruction.
Using the pumping system, it is also possible to supply air for external consumption, for example, for swapping tires of another vehicle, or for swapping a wheel of an snowbaths if the pneumatic highway leading to the wheel is damaged.

Electrical system

The electric system of the snowbaths is powered by an on-board network with a nominal voltage of 12V DC. The main parts of the electrical system are interconnected by a system communication line, including + 12V and 0V power lines, as well as a three-wire interface CAN bus, through which state data of individual parts of the system and the necessary control actions are transmitted.

LCD display

The display shows the information necessary to manage and maintain the snowbaths.

allterrain_display_main allterrain_display_pressure1 allterrain_display_sustems
Main screen Tire pressure State of light devices


Rated voltage 12 V
Rated power 1550 W
Weight 3,9 kg
Starting power 950 W
The starter 21213-3708010 КЗАТЭ 5722.3708 is installed on the engines of the snowbaths. The starter is a DC electric motor with excitation from permanent magnets, with an electromagnetic relay, a planetary reducing gear and a freewheeling clutch. The starter operates at ambient temperature from minus (50 + 3) C ° to plus (45 + 3) C ° and humidity 90%.


Rated voltage 14,6 V
Maximum direct
current (at 5000 turns
оf the rotor of the generator)
130 А
Maximum power 1898 W
The snowbaths is equipped with an alternator current generator 21214-3701010, the technical characteristics of which are shown in the table on the right. The generator shaft is driven by a V-belt from the engine crankshaft.

Backup start unit

The backup start unit is required to start the snowbaths if the LCD display does not light up when the "mass" is switched on and the state of the electrical system does not allow starting the engine normally using the ignition switch and controls. The emergency start of the engine by the backup start unit is possible when the starter, motor and battery are in good condition.



Thanks to the electric motor of small power, the consumption of electric current is significantly reduced. The winch is equipped with a modern hermetic block of solenoids, the mechanical part of the winch and its electric motor are additionally protected from moisture, water and dirt.

The winch is also equipped with an ergonomic rubber wire control panel.

Parameter Units Value
Traction force on the first layer of winding lb/kg 8000 / 3630
Engine type - Electric with sequential excitation of windings
Engine power hp 5.5
- 3-stage, planetary
Gear Ratio - 216:1
Brake - Automatic, friction (inside the drum)
Rope - Steel
Diameter of the rope mm 8.3
Length of the rope m 28
Remote Control - Wired, length 3.7 m

Driver's seat


The correct seat prevents rapid fatigue of the driver, the front seats of the driver and the passenger have closer / further adjustments from the control panel, folding the backrest and adjusting their tilt. Headrests are also adjustable in height.

Control Panel,
seat of driver and passenger


Snowbaths has 2 rows of seats: the driver's and passenger's seats in the first row, four passenger seats -in the second. Seating on the second row of seats is carried out through the front doors with the folded backs of the front seats.
Backrests and a double pillow of rear seats are removable, which allows, if necessary, to increase the area of the luggage compartment.

Rear passenger seats


Ventilation and heating

1 - side deflectors, 2 - windshield deflectors, 3 - heater temperature adjustment lever, 4 - heater position adjustment lever, 5 - lower deflectors.

For interior heating, the coolant of the engine cooling system is used, which passes through the radiator of the heater and heats the air passing through this radiator.

The amount of heat entering the interior of the snowbaths is adjusted from the instrument panel by the fan speed switch and the heater temperature adjustment lever.

Glove compartment

1-glove compartment on the front, 2-compartment in the bottom, 3-glove compartment of the front door, 4-glove compartment under the side rear seat, 5- compartment under the wheel arch.

In the body of the swamp-going vehicle, there are glove compartments which are located in the front panel, side doors, the bottom of the body (provide additional buoyancy of the snowbaths), the rear of the body above the wheel arches and under the side rear seats.

Luggage compartment


Access to the luggage compartment is via the back door of the snowblower.
Taking into account the operating conditions, the floor in the luggage compartment is designed in such a way that the cleaning of the snowbaths salon could be made by spraying the floor with water from a hose that will freely flow through the open rear door.

Rear Seat Layout

If necessary, the luggage compartment is transformed into two berths using the backs of the rear passenger seats.