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A MAZ-MAN fifth-wheel truck is designed for transportation of different goods as a part of a road-train with a gross weight of 40 t. or less.

Modern technologies of MAN concern

MAZ-MAN has been fruitfully cooperating with MAN (Germany) for more than 14 years. In addition to engines, MAZ-MAN vehicles are equipped with radiators for engine cooling systems, generators, compressors, filters and silencers manufactured by MAN.

Low maintenance costs

All MAZ MAN trucks are characterized by low fuel consumption and a long service interval. In order to determine a service interval the company uses a system based on average fuel consumption that allows optimizing and ultimately reducing maintenance costs.

Individual approach

Flexibility of MAZ-MAN production allows producing vehicles with individual set of options for each client.

* - The dimensions for the complete sets which are distinct from base.

A Fifth-wheel truck is a kind of tractor unit working with semi-trailers that are attached to the car with a special coupling mechanism - a fifth wheel.

Ecological class 4 5



The fifth-wheel trucks are equipped with engines of the MAN D2066 family with a working volume of 10.5 liters, a power of 400-440 h.p. They are incredibly reliable and durable engines.

Parameter: Value:
Cylinders and layout: 6 cylinders in a raw
Valves: 4 valves for a cylinder
Operating condition: four-stroke diesel with direct injection
Supercharging: single for all Emission Standards
Injection system: Common Rail
Cooling system: controlled cooling based on forced ventilation with thermal control, radiator with forced circulation of water / air and intercooler of air / air
Engine control: EDC (electronic control) and FFR (control unit)
Technology of exhaust treatment: SCR or PM-KAT technology, depending on Emission Standard


MAZ-MAN 4х2 fifth-wheel trucks are equipped with 16-speed gearboxes + 2 reverse retarder reverse gears, produced by "ZF" (Germany) of 16S1220 TO type.

Clutch single dry plate, with hydraulic control and air leg, produced by "Valeo" or "F & S" (Germany). The transmission of torque is provided by an enhanced cardan gear with joints of European standard size..

Drive axle is equipped with five-satellite, hub, wheel gears and inter-wheel differential lock.

Fuel system

A Fuel tank of 300,500,700 liters with strainer is installed on the left side. In addition to the fine fuel filters, a fuel water separator with heating “Separ 2000” is mounted on the frame.

Additional equipment
Low short without berths, on spring suspension cab
The first convertible sleeper to the rear wall of the cab (for a low and short cab)
Air suspension for a low, short cab
Cab spoiler for a tall, long cab
Sun visor above the windscreen for tall, long cab
Front fog lamps for a low, short cab
Packaged roof water evaporative type conditioner- “Viesa”
«Еbегsрäсhег» Night air cab heater («Dryer») with independent fuel tank
Audio and radio equipment for connection with 12V -radio recorder
12V-СD-MP3-radio recorder with radio equipment
«Jost» fifth wheel( coupling pin -2 inches, with two degrees of freedom for the height of the fifth wheel - 1.150mm, tires 295 / 80R22.5 or 315 / 70R22.5)
Light for coupling
Tyres and wheel disks of West European production
Fuel tank shield on three sides;
Rear light guards
“Linkoln” automatic lubrication system;
Improved battery life (220-225 Amp/h)
Lockable plastic fuel tank cap
Flashing orange beacon on the roof of the cab
“ZF“ Power take off
Single/two/three wire hydraulic trailer leads controlled from the cab, equipped with hydraulic tank (“ZF” power take off, “HYVA” pump, “HYVA” devices) fuel tank - 350 l, hydraulic leads from under the fifth wheel
Equipment set for carriage of dangerous goods
Thermal insulation of fuel filters and water separating filter “Separ 2000”
Refueling at low temperatures –up to 50 C with hydrotreating

For more information on availability and cost, please contact your local dealer or contact us.

Possible options: high long cabin with two berths, optionally it is possible to install a low long cabin with one berth or a low short cabin without sleeping berths.

Cab equipment

Cab: Tall long Low long Low short
Front flap panel, unlocked from the inside + + +
Glove compartment on the left, unlocked from the inside + + -
4-point spring suspension with antiroll bar - - +
4-point spring suspension with antiroll bar + + +
Safe, three layer windscreen + + +
Rear wall of the cab with two windows - + +
Rear wall of the cab without windows + + -
Lifting power-operated hatch on the roof + + +
Heated rearview mirrors, panoramic and close-proximity mirrors + + +
Fabric upholstery of seats, cabs and doors from the inside + + +
Adjustable air suspension driver seat with three-point seat belt; + + +
Digital tachograph + + +
Round and cross curtain for sleeper berth + + -
Truck table located on front panel between seats + + -
Glove compartments above the sleeper berth and below the windscreen + + -
Closet for outerwear behind the driver seat + + -

Color solutions:

MAZ-MAN offers its customers a choice of color cabs, presented below: