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JV SAO "MAZ-MAN" at STT 2023 Moscow Crocus Expo


From May 23 to May 26, 2023, at stand No. 15-270 at the International Specialized Exhibition “STT-2023”, dedicated to construction machinery, commercial and specialized transport, our MAZ-MAN plant demonstrated for the first time:

1. Snowmobile (self-propelled all-terrain vehicle) with a 4×4 wheel formula;

2. Sorting truck MAZ-MAN 636459 with a wheel formula of 6×6;

3. MAZ-MAN 757459 dump truck with 8×8 wheel formula;

At the MAZMAN stand, as always, there was a full house. The greatest interest among the visitors of the exhibition was aroused by the second-generation MAZMAN BTB–200 snowmobile — a four-wheel drive self-propelled vehicle (4×4) on low-pressure tires (0.07 – 0.5 atm), designed for movement over rough terrain and on soils with weak bearing capacity (snow, swamp, sand), with the ability to move on the water surface and on public roads.

The 2nd generation MAZMAN BTB-200 snowmobile is already being offered to customers with 2.0 or 2.3 liter diesel engines and a mechanical gearbox or hydraulic automatic. It is assembled by individual order. The extended equipment may include a propeller with a propeller reducer and a cardan drive from the main engine, an electric winch (with the possibility of working from the front and rear), a pre-starting engine fluid heater, a rear view camera and side view cameras with an image output to the display, searchlights on the roof, a light beam on the roof, roof rails, stairs to the roof of the cab, seat belts, built-in cabin air conditioning, luxury interior trim, LineX protective coating outside the cab, exterior painting in a color of the customer’s choice, cabin airbrushing outside, a mechanism for opening up windshields for the driver and passenger, a full-size spare wheel, etc.

JV SAO “MAZ-MAN” presented two more novelties at the exhibition in Moscow.

The MAZ-MAN 636459 sorting truck with a 6×6 wheel formula with a long loading platform of 8 meters.

Four-axle dump truck MAZ-MAN 757459 with a gross weight of 50 tons and a platform with a volume of 20 cubic meters.