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Presentation of a dump truck MAZ-MAN 752559


On February 14, 2019, the joint venture JV SAO “MAZ-MAN” was visited by representatives of various organizations of the concern “Belavtodor”, in connection with the presentation of a new improved dump truck MAZ-MAN 752559, with a set of snow-cleaning and sand-and-salt distribution equipment “Arctic Machine” for the maintenance of main roads, which will be operated in the Republic of Belarus.

MAZ-MAN 752559 dump truck:

Arctic Machines equipment for winter maintenance of trunk roads at speeds up to 80 km/h

The front, rotary, beveled blade AM 4600 HPD T2 is high-strength and dense polyethylene.

Blade blade width — 4.6m

Transport width — 3.9m

Turn on both sides up to 420

Side beveled blade AM SHJ 216 J.

The length of the blade blade is at least 4.18 m, the angle of rotation is 2 ° — 46°

The working width of the snowplow blade is 0 – 3.51m.

Automatic distributor AM 9054 is a sand and salt spreader for deicing materials.

The volume of the dry reagent hopper is 9 cubic meters

The volume of the container for salt solutions is 5.4 cubic meters

The service life of the distributors has been extended to 20 years.

Control panel for all iRoad 4 equipment.

The main parameters of snow removal of the MAZ-MAN 752559 dump truck equipped with the “Artik Machines” equipment described above:

the maximum width of the snowplow is up to 6.58 m;

the overlap of the track of the front blade with the side one is 0.42 m.