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Sorting truck with air suspension


For the first time for the forestry and woodworking industries of the national economy of Belarus, on June 2, 2022, the MAZ-MAN plant presented to the market a new road train – a sorting truck with an air suspension. The truck – sorting truck consists of a truck — sorting truck MAZMAN 6325559 and a trailer — sorting truck MAZMAN 890001. The total permissible weight of the road train is 65.0 tons, and the weight of the transported assortment is 42.5 tons. Thus, the MAZMAN sorting truck can transport about 55.0 cubic meters of wood. The uniqueness of the use of air suspension for the transportation of assorted goods is to reduce its own weight and increase the reliability of the road train. In addition, the use of air suspension reduces dynamic loads on the roadbed, which contributes to the preservation of highways.