Universal front loader BME-2575 is a modern technique of European quality.

Special Features


The BME-2575 front loader uses modern hydraulic systems, which provide a significant reduction in fuel consumption compared to loaders with traditional drive systems.

hydrostatic transmission with infinitely variable speed;

work equipment drive with adjustable “load-sensitive” pump;

controlled hydraulic drive of the cooling fan.

Fuel economy reduces operating costs and exhaust emissions.


The truck is equipped with a four-cylinder, four-stroke liquid-cooled diesel engine with direct fuel injection, turbocharged and intercooled charge air.


The loader transmission is hydrostatic, reversible, two-range, with smooth stepless speed change within the range, with Inch-valve. As hydraulic machines in the transmission are used operating in a closed circuit adjustable axial-piston pump with a slant washer and adjustable axial-piston hydraulic motor with a slant block manufactured by Bosch-Rexroth (Germany). The direction of movement of the loader is changed by changing the direction of pump flow. Travel speed and traction force are automatically adapted by the transmission to the loader’s operating conditions. The transmission provides three driving modes:

Operating range – travel speed 0 – 16 km/h, the loader develops maximum tractive effort at low travel speeds;

Transport range – travel speed 0 – 40 km/h;

Automatic range switching mode – the loader develops maximum tractive effort at low travel speeds, the loader’s travel speed varies from zero to 40 km/h due to automatic range switching in the two-stage gearbox.

Transmission provides hydraulic braking of the loader, as a result of which disc brakes in the axles are almost not used and do not wear out. The Inch-valve integrated in the pump, controlled by the brake pedal, allows the truck to move at low speed without reducing engine speed.


The loader is equipped with axles with non-steerable wheels and self-locking differential by “DANA” (Italy). The rear axle is equipped with a two-stage gearbox with synchronized gear shifting. Both axles are equipped with self-locking differentials and multi-disc working brakes. The front axle is rigidly fixed to the frame. Rear axle with balance suspension, swing angle ±12°.

Working equipment

The working equipment is designed on Z-shaped scheme with flat-parallel movement of the implement during boom lifting. The adapter allows changing attachments in a matter of minutes. Drive of working equipment from adjustable axial-piston pump with LS-control (load-sensitive, with volume regulator and pressure cut-off) provides supply of working fluid to the system only in the presence of the operator’s control signal, which saves fuel when the loader is moving without moving the working equipment. Control of the working equipment and reversing of the loader’s movement is carried out by means of a hydraulic joystick with an ergonomic handle. The left hand can always remain on the steering wheel, which increases speed and safety. The working fluid is cooled in the radiator block by an engine-independent hydraulic fan. At the same time, the fluid in the engine cooling system is cooled and the air blown into the engine intake manifold is cooled. The fan speed is automatically controlled.

Attached equipment

Technical specifications