Front loader with lifting capacity of 3 tons is designed for construction, road repair, quarrying and earthmoving works.



The front loader BME-3085 is equipped with a four-stroke four-cylinder engine D-245.2S3AM with turbocharging and charge air cooling produced by Minsk Motor Plant (MMZ). This reliable and economical engine is well known to all mechanizers in the post-Soviet area from its use on MTZ tractors.


The loader’s transmission is hydrostatic, reversible, dual-range, with a smooth, stepless change of speed within the range. As hydraulic machines in the transmission are used operating in a closed circuit adjustable axial piston pump with an inclined washer and adjustable axial piston hydraulic motor with an inclined block manufactured by Bosch-Rexroth (Germany). The direction of movement of the loader is changed by changing the direction of pump flow. Travel speed and traction force are automatically adapted by the transmission to the loader’s operating conditions.

Operating equipment

The implement is designed to move (raising, lowering, turning) the implement and is a lever system with a unique Z-shaped design. It allows the parallelism of the implement movement to be maintained at an excellent level – within 3o – which is very important when working with a number of implements, e.g. load forks. The loader is equipped with a boom-mounted adapter for quick implement changes.

Attached equipment


The loader is equipped with axles with non-steerable wheels and self-locking differential by “Carraro” (Italy). The rear axle is equipped with a two-stage gearbox with synchronized gear shifting. Both axles are equipped with self-locking differentials and multi-disc working brakes. The front axle is rigidly fixed to the frame. Rear axle with balance suspension, swing angle ±12°.


The sealed cab is all-metal, welded, with a single seat, meets all safety requirements (FOPS and ROPS), provides comfortable working conditions for the driver, heat and noise insulation. The cabin is glazed all around, which provides good visibility. The windshield is triplex, the others are tempered. Windshield and rear window are glued into the cab frame. The cabin interior is made with molded noise-absorbing elements and molded carpeting. The cab is equipped with a powerful 16-kilowatt heater with a 3-speed fan, air flows from which are distributed throughout the cab through 8 adjustable deflectors. The driver’s seat has weight adjustment, 4 adjustable cushions and adjustable armrests. The cab ceiling has an adjustable sunshade, LED interior lighting and a stereo receiver with MP3 player.

Технические характеристики