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The products of the MAZMAN plant were presented at the INNOPROM International Industrial Fair in Yekaterinburg as part of the general exposition of the Republic of Belarus (the total exhibition area of the Republic of Belarus was about 3.2 thousand square meters).

The MAZMAN plant demonstrated the MAZ-MAN 757459 dump truck with a total weight of 50 tons, a cargo platform of 20 m3, and the MAZMAN BTB –200 snowmobile. All equipment has all-wheel drive.

The cab of the MAZ-MAN 757459 dump truck is presented with increased comfort, 2-seater, width inside 2300 mm. The special midiergonomics of the driver’s workplace consists of: a special anatomical driver’s seat with 4-degree position adjustment with an integrated belt on an air cushion with memory, which allows to extinguish 98% of vibrations and relieve tension in the hip and shoulder belts of the driver; steering mechanism with a steering wheel with a specially measured diameter for convenient and safe driving on roadways with low bearing capacity, with severe road conditions and in off-road conditions. Noise–absorbing cabin upholstery, which reduces noise to a level of 78 DB; the electric package includes climate control; cruise control; heated rear–view mirrors; ERA-GLONASS emergency call system; etc.

The MAZMAN plant, at the request of the client, provides insulation and noise absorption of the cabin from the inside and painting in several colors, pasting, branding, additionally installs an aero package, etc.

The cars are equipped with powerful and reliable internal combustion engines produced in Belarus for 460 hp, 550 liters are also available.C. Internal combustion engine diesel 6-cylinder inline, equipped with a turbocharging system with an exhaust gas overpressure relief valve at the turbine inlet and an intercooler of air supplied to the cylinders. The fuel supply system is Common Rail. The content of toxic substances in the exhaust gases complies with Euro-5 standards. Torque 2150 Nm, operating range 950 … 1150 rpm. The system of additional purification of incoming air with clogging sensors in / filter to determine its quality. Exhaust system of various designs (exhaust up, down, heated dump truck platform). The resonator screen manufactured by MAZMAN is made of stainless steel. Radiator – a design based on the according to the technology of the German concern MAN. The clutch is dry single-disc, push-type with diaphragm springs with servo drive and automatic adjustment. Transmission “ZF” 16S2220TO, 16-speed + 2 lane / stroke, synchronized, (with divider and demultiplier) with additional supports and cable drive of the gearbox lever. Transfer case. “ZF” — mechanical, three-shaft, two-stage with differential, with controlled all-wheel drive, with a forced lubrication pump.

JV SAO “MAZ-MAN” somo thoroughly produces frames for its equipment. They have increased wear resistance and strength – HD (Heavy duty) with amplifiers in loaded places, using bolted connections of an increased strength class, self—locking with a “Ripp” head – “MAZ-MAN” and the use of cold riveting, shotblasted elements, primed, with a special coating. U-shaped spars. The frame resource is 1.5 million km.

The suspension of MAZMAN cars is as follows:
front: small leaf spring block MAZMAN and telescopic shock absorbers of hydraulic type, stabilizer of lateral stability of the front axle. Reinforced bridge g/n 9,000 kg. Profiled leaf springs excluding fidelity.
rear: multi-leaf spring block MAZMAN, stabilizer bar of the middle and rear axles. Reinforced axles g/n of 16,000 kg with planetary wheel reducers on 5 sattelites for over severe operating conditions. With interlocks of the inter-axle and inter-wheel differentials. Reinforced beam beam. Reinforced mounting of the balancer.
Unattended load balancers. Profiled leaf springs excluding fidelity. Silent blocks of stabilizers of increased wear resistance.

Steering is made by HEMA. Brake system with a working pressure of 10 bar, WABCO devices – exceptional reliability and safety. State tests and confirmed load certificates have been carried out, which makes it possible to declare a total weight of 40.0 – 41.0 tons for cars with a 6×6 wheel formula and up to 50.0 tons with an 8×8 wheel formula. At the same time, the MAZMAN plant uses special electrical harnesses with a patented bayonet connection.

Snowmobile MAZMAN BTB-200, produced by the plant “MAZMAN”,

— four—wheel drive self-propelled vehicle (4×4) on low-pressure tires (0.07 – 0.5 atm), designed for movement over rough terrain and on soils with weak bearing capacity (snow, swamp, sand), with the ability to move on water and on public roads.

In comparison with similar products presented on the market, the aggregate of indicators significantly exceeds analogues. The exhibited snowmobile is presented on Belarusian “BELSHINA” tires of ultra-low pressure and has an ultramodern design, a more powerful internal combustion engine, a high level of comfort, midiergonomics, is more technological, environmentally friendly, more economical in operation, has a large load capacity, etc.

Overall dimensions of the MAZMAN BTB-200 snowmobile (length, width, height): 4600 x 2500 x 2700 mm, gross weight: 4200 kg. The load capacity when moving on the ground is up to 1400 kg, and when moving on water: up to 600 kg (without pontoons) or up to 1200 kg (with inflatable pontoons). The clearance is up to 700 mm, in this regard, the maximum height of the threshold to be overcome is 0.7 m, the maximum angle of ascent and descent to be overcome is 40 degrees. Average fuel consumption when driving on the ground: 4-6 liters/hour.

Maximum speed on public roads: up to 60 km / h, on the ground — 1.5 km / h, on water with a propeller — 8 km / h, without a propeller — 3 km/ h.

Compared with the previous version and existing analogues, the new model of the snowmobile, manufactured by the MAZMAN plant, received increased buoyancy (the ability to stay on the surface of the water), faster characteristics when moving through the water, while maintaining the necessary life support of the crew, as well as a large load capacity.