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MAZMAN for the dairy world


The world is changing rapidly. External factors accelerate the reformatting of traditional economic models and logistics routes. Unfortunately, these changes did not bypass the MAZ-MAN plant either.

At the same time, in these difficult economic conditions, the MAZ-MAN plant fulfills contractual obligations to its counterparties. Evidence of this is the production of cars for the transportation of food liquids, including milk. On June 15, 2022, MAZMAN 631559 cars with a 6×2 wheel formula on an air suspension with tanks with a volume of 14,000 liters were demonstrated to the market for the first time. The entire surface of the tank with a thickness of 100 mm is thermally insulated. The inner tank is made of acid-resistant AISI 304 steel with a thickness of 3 mm.

When designing tanks, a lot of joint work was carried out with domestic milk processing enterprises. In particular, considerable attention was paid to midiergonomics related to milk acceptance conditions, convenience of sampling, maintenance of tanks, cars, driver’s workplace, etc.