4×2 semi-tractor produced by MAZ-MAN, designed for transportation of various cargoes as part of a road train with GVW up to 40 tons.

Special Features

Modern technologies from the MAN Group

MAZMAN™ became the first manufacturer of automotive equipment in the Republic of Belarus to comply with the requirements of European regulations and directives, including the UNECE regulations on emissions, noise and environmental friendliness. MAZ-MAN™ still maintains this superiority under the influence of any external factors.

MAZ-MAN enterprise has been fruitfully cooperating with German automobile concern “MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG” (Munich, Germany) for more than 25 years. The production of MAZ-MAN™ vehicles, as before, is carried out according to the German technology. MAZ-MAN trucks in modern realities are completed with foreign units and equipment, which are produced in different countries of the world under license or under control of “MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG” concern.

Universal transport application

Tractor tractors are designed to work with trailers, semi-trailers and other non-self-propelled equipment. The tractors are used to transport bulky crawler mechanisms. The tractors can be connected to: dump semitrailers; isothermal mechanisms; refrigerators; tanks; container trucks; tent semitrailers.

Fuel economy

Modern MAZ-MAN trucks are characterized by low fuel consumption, which is achieved through the use of highly efficient engines WP12.460E50 or WP13.550E501 and optimally selected transmission ZF.

Individual approach

Flexibility of production and long-term experience of MAZ-MAN company’s design team allow to configure a vehicle for the most demanding customer.


* – Dimensions for configurations other than basic.

Semi-tractor – a type of tractor that operates with semi-trailers attached to the machine by means of a special coupling mechanism – fifth wheel.

Ecological class

Power drive


A distinctive feature of MAZ-MAN trucks has always been the original German engine of MAN concern.

On 4×2 tractors are installed engines of  Weichai Power WP12.460E50 or WP13.550E501 family with a working volume of 10.5 liters, with an output of 460 – 550 hp. These are incredibly reliable and durable engines.

Двигатель для грузовика серии WP12 - Weichai



MAZ-MAN 4×2 tractors are equipped with 16-speed gearboxes + 2 reverse gearboxes manufactured by “ZF”.

Single-disc dry clutch with hydraulic control and pneumatic support, manufactured by “Valeo” or “F&S” (Germany). Torque transmission is provided by reinforced cardan transmission with European size joints.

The drive axle is equipped with 5-cell final drive gears and inter-wheel locking mechanisms.

Fuel system

Fuel tank on the left side for 300, 500, 700 liters with strainer is installed on the left side. In addition to heated fine fuel filters on the engine, an additional fuel filter-moisture separator “Separ-2000” is also installed on the frame with heating.



Possible variants: high long cab with two berths, optional low long cab with one berth or low short cab without berths.

Cab configurations

Color solutions

MAZ-MAN company offers its customers a choice of cab colors presented below: